Empowering FMCG distributors in India to make their business secure, stable and profitable

AICPDF is a national body to which all the state bodies are affiliated. Calling out to all FMCG distributors in India to do free registration with AICPDF which will ensure that your business is stable,secure and profitable.

About Us

AICPDF (All India Consumer Products Distributors Federation) is a non-government organization comprising various dealerships/ distributors & stockiest of all FMCG Companies as Association Members. The association till now has approximately 4 lakh members across INDIA with all the 29 state’s president as executive body member of the National Governing Council.

In today’s world information is the key to success, AICPDF is helping all by providing access to all relevant information to its members on the diverse subject such as various tax laws i.e. Sales Tax, Service Tax, Income Tax, Excise and Custom laws, New Technologies, Business Trends, Sales Organization, aligning partner across India to address their growing issues to serve customer across the country.

AICPDF was formed in 2016 by likeminded State Associations who felt it necessary to set up a forum to:

Exchange ideas and thoughts for a better tomorrow

Protect the interests and rights of the Distributor community

Collectively negotiate with the statutory Authorities/ Companies

Provide guidance on tax and legal issues

Provide a platform to share information and ideas

Recognize and consolidate issues faced

Engage with Partner-Eco-system for positive closure of issues faced by members

Identify new Opportunities and prepare for threats

Training, Education & Learn about Software Products and Licensing

Best Human Resource Practices

Challenges and Opportunities on the horizon

Adopt new and effective ways of business

Unite to tackle B2B challenges

Management Committee


AICPDF is actively involved in the training and development of the distributor fraternity for the betterment of the Trade, Developing and Researching better ways of doing business. Also, the association act as the support system for the trading distributors in difficulty and presenting their difficulties and issues in front of the Government Department.

Encourage & spread awareness in India

The relevance of IT in day to day life

How Infiltration and Modern Trade could impact the market in particular and society/ economy at large

Careers and opportunities in FMCG sector

Provide its member with the guidance of Do’s & Don’ts while conducting business in the form of code of conduct & best practice’s for doing business with Distributor & Retailers


AICPDF has a common purpose and outlook regarding the provision of care to the population(s) served. A common vision unifies the profession. By creating a shared vision and goal, the AICPDF inspires its members and promotes commitment and motivation. When the vision and goal are understood, members feel responsible for accomplishing their duties, and they develop a sense of ownership. Associations now have to compete against aggressive, non-traditional content creators: creative marketers of brands who have reinvented themselves as Modern trade.


To foster fellowship amongst all Distributors strong representation to various policies from Government (Central or State Government Departments)

Facilitating a joint representation and trying for resolution of issues arising between Companies & Distributors

Committed to identify & impart new directions in business & bring improvement for the current methods of business

Number of initiative/ programs are being planned to meet the above-outlined objectives

Contact Us

Registration Address: 3-B 9149, MultaniDhanda, Paharganj, Delhi - 110055

Office Address: Jupitor Complex, 2nd Floor, Tarabai Park, Kolhapur, 416003

Email: aicpdfindia@gmail.com